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Birthdate:Jun 9
Location:Dublin, Ireland
A fellow of infinite jest.
Or, expressed mathematically, I think that's ¹♂ ≤ ∞j/k. I dunno, I suck at math. And a whole lot of other things, too, a litany of which you'll find on this journal. Pay attention, because there'll be a test after the internet is finished and this might just be on it.

Ordinarily I'd put my age here, but I'm not gonna do that because by the time I read this again, it'd be woefully out of date. So let's just say I was born in 1982 and everything went downhill from there. My name is... hotly debated. To some it's Darren or Daz or Dar, to others it's "that dopey bollocks", "hey you", "that awful gobsite" and even an "Oi, mistor!". I'm a friend, son, a brother, an uncle, a dog person, a joker, a libertarian, a weirdo, a gemini, bad boyfriend material, often annoying, not as anything as I ever seem to be, wanted in eight states but not by the law, inarticulate, stealthy, a dork, prone to bouts of extreme socially-crippling verbal diarrhea, a square peg in a round-shaped world and a case study of the harmful long-term effects of too much free time on the human psyche.

Also, my chest hair looks like the batman logo.
That's paredolia for you.

I don't mean to brag, but I have an exceptionally high IQ, especially when you read the number upside-down. Have been known to refer to myself as like the vulgar, heterosexual, inarticulate unfunny Oscar Wilde. I wanna be like Neil Gaiman when I grow up, and by that I mean still have all my hair.

I am NOT wasting my life. ...I'm just waiting for the other side of 30 before I do anything with it, because I know if I do it'll be awesome and spectacular and legendary and then I'll wind up in the 27 Club and dammit, I'm looking forward to being a badass old man.

Interests (146):

24, 30 days of night, 3x3 eyes, 4chan, abara, adriana lima, alias, america, anime, antarctica, batman, battle royale, biomega, blackadder, blame!, bloom county, bravo two zero, bruce springsteen, calvin and hobbes, cameron crowe, chrno crusade, chunchu, claymore, cowboy bebop, cracked, cryptids, dan simmons, david bowie, devil may cry, discworld, dogs, dreams, duckman, ergo proxy, fantasy, fiction, final fantasy, firefly, fleetwood mac, forensics, fringe, gackt, genesis, geri halliwell, ghost in the shell, ghosts, girls, grand theft auto, graphic novels, greg f gifune, grimm fairy tales, groucho marx, gun x sword, gungrave, guns, h.p. lovecraft, hans zimmer, heterochromia, hideo kojima, highschool of the dead, homonculus, horror, hotaru akane, i'm not there, j-horror, j-rock, jackie mason, japan, jeffery deaver, johnny cash, junji ito, junk, katharine mcphee, kurozuka, last exile, long hair, manga, marx brothers, mel brooks, metal gear solid, midnight nation, military, millenium, monty python, muse, neil gaiman, neon genesis evangelion, night, nine inch nails, old time radio, orphen, outlaw star, paranormal, patriotism, peter gabriel, planetes, political humor, porno, preacher, psychology, radio drama, record of lodoss war, red dwarf, red star, rock & roll, s-cry-ed, samurai, scrapped princess, serenity, shin angyo onshi, silent hill, slayers, sonic, south park, space above and beyond, special forces, stand up comedy, stargate, stars and stripes, steampunk, stephen king, summer glau, terminator, terry pratchett, teryl rothery, tetsuya nomura, texhnolyze, the dark tower, the far side, the police, the simpsons, the walking dead, trigun, tsutomu nihei, u2, ubel blatt, urban legends, vampire hunter d, vanilla sky, warlands, weird shit, wild arms, wings of honneamise, wire in the blood, witchblade, writing
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