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Since I haven't updated in three weeks, it was suggested I do so before people go looking for my obituary. (You'll only be disappointed anyway.)
I am back, and with me I bring a policy change. I like to think it's not just a New Year's thing, as I've been considering plenty as far back as November. But you know, "shit or get off the pot" is easy enough to say, but not to someone with the thinking equivalent of IBS. So yeah, this new change is that from now on most Dreamwidth entries will be public, but their crosspostings to LJ will remain locked. This is for a whole bunch of reasons;
1) - I have been wanting to semi-sorta come out of hiding a bit. Not putting myself out there, but I did miss the feeling of talking to everyone. It's been easier for me to use twitter than a journal, not just because it's short and fast, but because there's the actual crowd feeling over there. Also, I've been thinking I'd like to move into Actual Real Blogging™ at some point, which is hard to do when you're in hiding.
2) - Things have thawed a little between myself and ᵽαυᶅ (Spelling it like that to hopefully thwart the google monster.). Long story short, I had a dream about my grandmother and my dog which depressed the everloving fuck out of me and let to me thinking that I didn't see any of my uncles not talking to each other. It just isn't worth keeping up. So we talked and we're going to try to be better to each other this year. But I'm still not okay with the idea of family reading this (even though I won't be making the mistake of talking about them again), and since LJ is the link that's known, that's the one that's getting hidden.
3) - Anonymous folk like to read back through your entries and taunt you with things you've revealed there. And while the mistake was revealing them in the first place, it's not one I'm going to make again.
4) - I just want a fresh start. And since this page is what my Twitter account links to, I suppose people clicking on it would like to be actually able to see something if they do.

So, yeah, thinking about Real Blogging, and come up with an idea for a blog I may need some help with if anyone knows a bit about design. I think I took 2010 off (though it was a shite year for most, can you blame me?) and seemed happy enough to just sit and comment, but eventually got tired of wasting my time and not exercising creativity anywhere outside my head much. Going to hopefully work on that in the coming months.

Speaking of which, here was going to be that accent/pronounciation meme that's going around. I gave it a try. At first I thought "Where can I find a microphone?", and then I remembered I have a new phone...

...yeah, that face. Hardly surprising from the guy who once actually forgot he has a mother, though. Anyway, was going to do the meme, recorded it, uploaded it, but it came out all choppy and sped up. No idea what I did wrong. Bah. I'll do it again sometime, just not tonight.

So yeah. What's up with me. Well, unusually for a January there's actually a fuckload of work, which is quite welcome don't you know. January's always been a terrible month for garage work (everyone's poor after the holidays) but I reckon the snowpocalypse reminded people that cars are not invulnerable. And the recession (snap out of the denial, it's a full-blown depression by now) reminds people that they're no longer rich enough to buy a new car when their current one is making funny noises, so they have to take care of them now. And apparently, according to An Expert Who Specializes In These Kind Of Things whom my Da knows, small garages like ours are the future because the big ones are closing down due to, well, economic Darwinism, really. Makes sense, when you think about it. Our overheads are smaller. And we did survive the 80s, after all.
For those of you too young to remember the 80s (and Jesus Von Christ I can't believe that's something I'm actually old enough to say), it was a lot like the 21st century - everyone was poor except for the psychopathically rich, most shopfronts were permanent shutters, and people were emigrating like there was a zombie horde behind them. Really the only difference is the music was better because it wasn't a democracy and the Devil had yet to donkey punch humanity with the advent of autotune. ...Good times.

Watched The Cape. It was, ahh... Well, it's not a terrible show, but it's not a fantastic show. And we're spoiled, because we're used to seeing Summer Glau in fantastic shows. ...And Dollhouse. And, you know, it's kind of sad when you see a really great actor like Summer Glau, Keith David or Richard Schiff given something that you know it's impossible for them to be excited about, but they still do their best with what they've got.
But at least Summer's character is a Master Mistress of Disguise, so after seeing her one way in Firefly and another way in Terminator, it's interesting to see her in multiple different ways, like Jennifer Garner in Alias. ...So. There's that.
It's a poor man's Batman, really. Literally. It's not The Dark Knight: The Series, but it could have been. The ingredients are there. Don't get me wrong, it has its moments. If you're gonna liken it to Batman, it's more Tim Burton than Joel Schumacher, but it's not Christopher Nolan, and I think it wants to be. All the ingredients are there, but they're mixed wrong. I felt like I was watching the second draft of something, before somebody would have come along, thrown out the comedy, turned off the camp and made it more intense. Basically, I think the audience would have preferred to have been reminded of a good Batman movie rather than a bad or okay one.

So, good to be back. How're you?

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Date: 2011-01-12 02:09 pm (UTC)
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I've also considered Actual Real Blogging™ ...............it took me a while to understand the difference but it's more opinions and less about your real life, right?


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